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Vagina Texture

LoveDolls are the only company to offer different oral, vagina and anal textures for WM Dolls and the brands on our website, not even WM do this themselves. We can do this because out staff are physically inside the factory customising the dolls during the production stages. ( other companies selling WM Dolls are just expensive middle men with drop shipping websites )

Intense - Maxium Intensity

Vortex – A colision of different sensations

Anal Fantasy – Most realistic for anal sex

Passion – Stimulating and massaging

Native - A mix of realism and intensity

Twister – A tight entry, twisting and expanding

Super Tight – Exactly as described

WM Doll - Small Diameter

WM Doll - Medium Diameter

WM Doll - Large Diameter


Fixed Vagina

Removable Vagina

Pubic Hair Patterns

Each pubic hair is individually planted. We offer a range of styles from natural to fantasy, all free of charge. Choose from the selection below or email us a custom design after ordering

Pubic Hair Patches

We also offer pubic hair patches which are glued to the body. These are obviously fake as you can see the netting up close, they do not last long and can’t compare to our free implanted hair designs. However, we pride ourselces on having every customisation option avaliable and the scoundrel drop shipping websites offer them so we must also.

Labia Color

We offer a wide range of natural and fantasy labia colors. They are applied with semi permanent makeup so can be changed at home later on if you wish.

WM Sucking Vagina Upgrade