APRIL SALE - FREE Extra Head, FREE Articulated Hands. FREE Body Detailing, FREE Gel Breasts, Discounted Breathing Upgrade


Tradtional TPE

Soft and Ultra Soft TPE

Soft tpe is a bit smoother and a lot more squidy. I would argue less realistic although many doll owners prefer it. However, the big disadvantage is the skin is very delicate compared to traditional TPE. It can tear very easily and you also need to be very careful with how you store and position the doll when not in use. The main issue is normally the skin above the breasts, which gets torn over time as the heavy breasts below weigh it down. These issues can be avoided if you are very careful when moving positioning and storing the doll, however this is too much to ask of new doll owners in my opinion. Also note tears can be repaired with TPE glue if needs be. We do not advise new dolls owners, or anybody choosing a larger breasted doll to choose soft or super soft TPE.


Light Weight TPE

Body Detailing

Using semi permanent makeup we add blush, veins, freckles and much more to create an ultra realistic look.

7 Natural Skin Tones

We offer 7 different skin colors for TPE dolls as standard to represent every natural skin tone