APRIL SALE - FREE Extra Head, FREE Articulated Hands. FREE Body Detailing, FREE Gel Breasts, Discounted Breathing Upgrade


    Unlike other sex doll websites, we are not a drop shipping company. Out British team are inside the factory personally overseeing the production and customisation process. Therefore we only work with once factory and the brands created there.
    Lovedolls.com is the only website worldwide that allows this, and you can do it here. https://lovedolls.com/pages/customize-sex-doll
    We offer free shipping to any country where sex dolls are legal. You can see a full list of countries we ship to here. https://lovedolls.com/blogs/sex-doll-blog-stories/sex-doll-legality-country-list
    Email adam@lovedolls.com with as much information as possible about what you want. We will then reply with a quote, recommendations and an explanation of what is and is not possible.
    This is very rare, but if you do receive a letter then email us a photo of it at support@lovedolls.com and we will deal with it on your behalf or guide you through the process.
    - No, we will provide a random outfit unless you select a specific outfit from the customisation menu. We currently have 4 outfit options.
    If you order a doll with implanted hair we can do any color in any style, just add it in the order notes at checkout or email us after purchase.
    Heated Body with Breathing Heated Body with Shrugging Shoulders
    Any clothes bought new should be washed before putting on the doll. All dark colors will stain TPE dolls and should not be used, for example black, dark blue, dark red, dar purple etc. Lighter colors are always recommended.
    Our dolls have 21cm feet, so a US girls size 3, a European 33 and a UK kids size 1.
    Generally the lighter dolls are always Small or Extra Small, white bigger breasted dolls can be Medium.
    We get asked this question a lot, and it depends on the person. The best way to know is to bring up the topic in conversation and gauge their reaction. Most people would love a sex doll, but it is the social stigma stopping them, but receiving as a present takes a lot of that away.
    Please email support@lovedolls.com
    All our orders are sent out with Fedex, UPS or DHL and we will provide a tracking number by email.
    You can change the color, and the makeup can be done in a way to make them seems bigger or smaller, but you cannot change the physical size of the nipples or labia.
    We use the standard M16 connector which the vast majority of brands use you can see here. https://lovedolls.com/products/adjustable-head-connector If you would like a doll or head made with a different connector then email us and we will do it.
    Current production times are 7 – 10 working days. Customisations such as breathing or heated body will add on an extra week, and implanted hair will add 2 weeks.
    We do free international shipping for all dolls using UPS or Fedex. Shipping times vary but are currently 7 – 10 working days for the USA and EU.
    Yes always, just email adam@lovedolls.com
    We always include this in the price, there are never any extra hidden taxes or fees. Occasionally there will be at customs but we will always pay these on behalf of the customer.
    We offer free international shipping for all dolls, and accessories will normally be US$20.
    We have a full explanation here. https://lovedolls.com/pages/order-process
    There are a handful of business worldwide who physically stock the same brands as us, however the vast majority of website selling sex dolls are dropshipping companies. This means they are just very expensive middle men who have never seen a sex doll in real life. This bothers us at lovedolls.com because we are so passionate about the sex dolls and feel others selling them should be also.
    Currently no but we are working on it.
    We give certificates of authenticity with all our dolls, including an anti fake code you can check online to confirm the authenticity of your doll. We are also verified vendors and manufactures on TDF ( the doll forum ) and have endless video content from inside the factory.
    Email adam@lovedolls.com and we will be able to recommend you some options.
    Yes you can, we offer this service free. Mention this in the order notes or email adam@lovedolls.com
    All our packaging and labelling is plain and discreet with zero indication of what is inside the box. We use shock resistant protective packaging in plain brown boxes, approximately 150cm x 42cm x 28cm depending on your size doll.
    You can order through the website using paypal or with any major debit and credit card. We also accept bank transfers and all the major cryptocurrencies, email adam@lovedolls.com if you wish to pay using these methods.
    A generic company name revealing nothing about the nature of the product.
    We are a registered British company but physically we operate inside the Jinsan factory in China. This allows us to personally oversee the production process and do the customisations nobody else can do.
    We have a detailed article here. https://lovedolls.com/blogs/sex-doll-blog-stories/how-to-clean-your-sex-doll