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Love Doll Brothels - A Complete Updated Worldwide Guide

          LoveDoll ( sex doll ) brothels have begun to pop up all over the world. Here we provide a complete guide to all Love Doll brothels currently open with their relevant details. All brothels in this list are adamant about the privacy of their clients and the hygiene of their dolls and facilities. Most offer different clothing / situation options for the dolls when you book and are willing to take special requests.

Lumidolls - Nagoya (Japan)

          A classic brothel where you are offered a room to enjoy your time with one of their dolls that all look like they were based off the completely unrealistic cartoonish expectations of the average Japanese man. They have 4 dolls available at this hotel, all of which look of Asian descent. The exact location for the brothel is a secret until you have made an appointment, for this you have to fill up a very detailed form that you may or may not be comfortable filling up. Payments are made in Japanese yens, minimum of ¥13000 (about $116) for 60 minutes and maximum of ¥36000 (about $323) for 180 minutes. You do not have to deal with anyone face to face to complete the transaction; everything is handled through their website, emails or via telephone. 


Website -https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-nagoya

Email - nagoya@lumidolls.com

Contact Number +81 090-3382-3030


House of Dolls Kamloops (Canada)

        An interesting service, not really a brothel per-se as they operate more like an escort service. You pay for a night and they deliver the doll to you. They will even set it up and pick it up on the location of your choice. For $249 plus a $500 damage deposit, you can enjoy the doll of your choice from 5:00 pm the day of your booking until 9:00 am the following morning. They are adamant about discretion, both yours and their delivery personnel, they also allow for special arrangements for shorter or longer times or other special requests. They have 7 dolls, each is different from the rest and there is even a male doll so no lack of variety.

Website - https://houseofdolls.ca 

Contact Number +1 778-694-3655


Playmate Dolls - Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal (Canada). 

        The original Love Doll brothel in Canada which has flourished in recent years to 4 different locations. Although their physical locations remain secret until you have made an appointment you can make outcalls to your hotel room or house, even if you are located outside the city limits. The rates are $200 an hour for all services, outcalls are $250 per hour (2 hours minimum) plus a $1200 deposit. Their outcall service is available in most populated areas of Canada and the brothels located in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal. They plan to open new branches in Calgary, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Kelowna, Winnipeg and Yukon. Each currently has an 11 doll lineup of beautiful ladies. 

Website -  https://www.playmatedolls.com

Contact number +1 780-695-2883

KinkySDollS Toronto (Canada), New York (U.S.A)

          This is not a regular doll brothel service. They manufacture, sell and rent companionship robots, which are capable of facial expression, eye movement, and limited motions. (Calm down, they can turn their necks a little, its not like HBO's Westworld yet.). They also have vocalizations (moaning) that are produced based on sensory data provided by sensors all over their bodies. On top of that, they produce their own internal heat.</span></p> <p><span lang="en-US">Their original location in Toronto location was shut down, but they still offer outcalls in the area. An attempt to establish a foothold in Houston, Texas was also blocked but they are not aiming to open in New York on July 1st, 2019. They are currently taking in outcalls in New York. There is no publicly available information about prices, procedures or what dolls are available for rent, you only have a phone number and a contact form on their website.

Website - https://www.kinkysdolls.com

Contact Number +1-647-952-5361


Lumidolls Brothel - Barcelona (Spain)

           As one of the most famous brothels in recent years through media attention it has also bene forced to move to a more discreet location. Although still open in Barcelona the location is only given once an appointment is booked. Rates range from 80€($89) for 30 minutes to 180€ ($200) for 2 hours. Currently they have 9 dolls to choose from, all very different from each other including a male doll and a green-haired elf!

Website -https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-barcelona

Email - info@lumidolls.com

Contact Number +34 605 712 508

The Dolly Parlour- London, (England)

          They are such a small operation that trying to find their website was not easy but they are the only worthy doll rental service in the UK. There have been other attempts to open such venues in the British Isles but have closed down due to external factors; The Dolly Parlour however, stills stands in Greenwhich, South London. Reservations are done through their website and you have to be there on time and with cash in your hand. They charge £50 ($65) for half an hour and £130 ($170) for two hours in a room with one of their 3 dolls. You can also spend an extra £20 ($25) for different attire options.

Website - http://www.dollyparlour.co.uk/


Xdolls Brothel - Paris (France)

          Technically not a brothel according to the French police, who found absolutely nothing outside of the law when they visited. (A law that forbids such establishments in France). Once more, the exact address of the facility is a secret until you become a client. All they let us know is that it is located somewhere within</span><span lang="en"> the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Their website is in French but so well designed that you can easily get around it and find what you are looking for. They charge 89€ ($99) for 1 hour and 149€ ( $166) for 2 hours. Every extra hour is an extra 75€ ($84) and if you are going as a couple it's 120€ ($135) plus 100€ ($110)insurance deposit in cash. This will be returned before you leave as soon as no damage has been confirmed. </span></p> <p><span lang="en">If you would prefer to have it sent to your hotel or residence in Paris, you can request for that through an email. This service starts at 250€ ($280) depending on how long you use it. They currently have 4 models available with photos on their website.

Website - https://xdolls.fr

Contact Number +33 0761329510 (text messages only)


Bordoll - Dortmund (Germany)

          One of few love doll brothels that freely provide their exact address right there on their site and provide a map. Currently it has the largest selection with 16 available and more on the way. Their doll collection consists of various manufacturers from all over the world. They strive for variety and even have a BDSM room to play out your fantasies. The cost is 50€ ($56) for 30 minutes or 80€ ( $90) for an hour with the doll of your choice. You can rent multiples dolls at the same time and for up to 12 hours. They do not take cards however so bring cash. The process is very straightforward - you make an appointment by phone, arrive at the correct date and time, their housekeeper briefs you and then you are directed to the room for pleasure. They allow you to use a cameras also but only once you are alone with the doll. You can also make special requests like poses or clothing, even make-up. And coupons. Yes, they have coupons, vouchers, discounts and promotions.

Website - https://www.bordoll.de

Address - Bickefeldstrasse 13, 44269, Dortmund

Contact Number +44 1523 274 12 46


Lumidolls Brothel - Turin (Italy)

        Another European location for the Lumidolls franchise where you can rent one of their products for a fee. There are 7 dolls in the house all of the Lumidoll brand. They faced the usual issues with and were forced to temporarily close. However now they are back up and running with the usual “no address until you have a confirmed appointment” policy. The prices are 80€ ( $90) for 30 minutes, 100€ ( $112) for an hour and 180€ ($202) for 2 hours.

Website - https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-turin

Email - torino@lumidolls.com

Contact Number +39 3925 652 299

Unique Dolls -Helsinki (Finland)

          This brothel comes with the clean and luxurious rooms, clean dolls and an inconspicuous location. You can enter from the front or the back entrance (if you give them a call first) and a nice lineup of 4 attractive dolls, including a male doll. All the expected stuff, but there is a twist. One doll is male and comes with a sex machine for those more interested in the phallic side of things. You may have seen one of these machines being used by cam girls (they are always at the cutting edge of technology.) It is essentially a piston with configurable speeds, and the piston head is a regular dildo. The rates are 50€ ( $55) for 30 minutes and 70€ ( $78)for an hour. Romeo (the male doll) and his mechanical aid come as a single package, the machine is no extra cost. They allow for a maximum of 4 clients within the premises at the same time to keep the noise down.

Website - https://www.uniquedolls.fi

Contact number +358 46 582 1788

Email - info@uniquedolls

Address - Vanhaistentie 3, 00420 Helsinki


Doll House-Funen, (Denmark)

          This brothel attracted a lot of negative attention for the committing crime of offering an excellent service to their clients. So after initial legal issues they closed and are in the process of moving</span> to a bigger better location. They will offer an even better service with more variety for the customer although details have not been released yet. Their new location in the island of Funen. It is a large, discreet house close to the motorway with 9 rooms. They currently offer the services of 4 gorgeous dolls with the option of using an HTC Vive for an extra layer of fun with Virtual Reality. The exact address remains a secret until you have an appointment, and you are given a secondary location from where the hostess will take you to the Doll House. They charge DKK 500 ($83) for half and up to DKK 3000 ($580) for four sex dolls for three hours but this may change when they open their new location for business. they will take mobilepay or cash. They will open on June 5th 2019. 

Website - https://www.dollhouse.dk

Contact Email - info@dollhouse.dk

Contact number  + 45 91 94 89 26


Kontakthof Brothel - Vienna (Austria)

          A traditional brothel in Vienna mixing Love Dolls and normal prostitutes, with the Love Doll becoming the busiest girl. The demand was so high that the owner had to buy more. They don’t offer any information about it on their website and the only contact information available is the address. You could rent out the dolls ( or women ) for 80€ ($90) an hour.

Website - http://www.kontakthof.at

Address - Erlaaer Str. 37, 1230 Wien, Vienna 


Lumidolls Brothel -Moscow (Russia)

          This brothel completes the set for all the Lumidolls brothels around the world. The usual quality of dolls with excellent accommodations located somewhere within the Russian capital. As per usual the exact address is kept private until you have an appointment. Doll choice is limited with only 2 dolls at the moment, but remember that they are always rotating them as they come into and out of service. The rates are the same as its European brothels, 80€ ( $90) for half an hour, 100€ ($112) for 1 hour and 180€ ($202) for 2 hours. Their plans for the future are expanding and reaching different parts of the world where their business model is an uncontested gold mine.

Website -  https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-moscow

Email - moscow@lumidolls.com


Surely Asia is full of them, at least Japan is… right?

          Japan and China used to be rich in options for love doll brothels, but they have gone underground in China due to strict laws and regulations. In Japan they have mostly disappeared in favor of just buying them, a few places where you can rent a “dutch wife” (as they are widely known in Japan) still survive in Tokyo, but they are quite discrete and usually don’t like serving foreigners. There is one option in Japan however with the Lumidolls brothel in Nagoya.

More to come

2019 will see the opening of quite a few more love doll hotels all over the world, the North American market being prime ground for expansion, but you will see them appear mostly in Europe.