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Premium Vs Cheap Sex Dolls. The Complete Buying Guide

Premium Vs Cheap. Choosing The Right Sex Doll For You.           

In this article we will discuss the distinctions between premium and cheap sex dolls and the fundamental variables to consider when making a purchase.


Premium sex dolls are hand crafted and treated as works or art. While they may be expensive, when you take into account the skilled craftsmanship that creates such a lifelike appearance and feel, most people would agree they are not overpriced. However, the cheaper ones can also do the job it all depends on your priorities which we will discuss here.


For the purposes of this article, we will only consider dolls 140cm and taller. Premium sex dolls will be considered as over $1650 and cheap sex dolls considered under $1000 USD. This price should include taxes, international shipping and does not include one off discounts. Anything in between $1500 and $1000 is usually a fake version of a premium doll. While it could sway either way it almost always ends up being an overpriced cheaper doll rather than a bargain premium doll.


Which material is best for a sex doll?

High quality premium sex dolls will always be made of either TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or Silicone. ( the TPE vs Silicone debate is a big topic for another article, but both are very good but with numerous with pros and cons). Better materials cost more and take longer to produce. When sex dolls are created with clinical grade materials they are hypoallergenic so will not cause allergies and non-poisonous. Excluding the bachelor party plastic blow up dolls, cheap dolls are made in these two materials also but just a much lower quality version.


Based on personal experience and extensive forum research cheap dolls have around an 80% chance of being made with low quality material. While they are some rare horror stories of allergies, the general big problem issue is the durability. Even the best TPE can be prone to damage, so cheap TPE tears and wears down very quickly and easily. While it can be fixed with glue or heat, it is quite the faff. Most doll owners just try to ignore the damage. While silicone is more durable the cheap silicone will be more fragile and prone to be easily damaged.


So, if you have allergy issues or care about keeping your doll in pristine condition long term you should only consider the premium doll. If you have to get a cheap sex doll due to budget issues, then your best option is to research the specific brand and find reviews that specifically focus on these points. Reviews on websites are already dubious in general, even more so from cheap Chinese doll factories, so your best option is to search on The Doll Forum ( TDF )for genuine reviews.


How Realistic Do Cheap Sex Dolls Look Compared To Premium Sex Dolls?


The best silicone premium sex doll heads look as good as the dolls in Madame Tussauds and other wax work museum. I means the ones in London and New York, not the fake ones in Pattaya and the Philippines, I have been to them all. They use the same techniques to create them, and implant real human hair and create perfect detailing on the face with freckles and wrinkles. Check out our Silicone Sex Doll Collection to see some examples. This detailing takes a lot of hand crafted skill and time, so is expensive. As a result the cheaper silicone dolls do not have this level of detail. You can see this on my own website, where the second head can be TPE on for free whereas the cheapest silicone one is a $599.


The detailing on TPE doll heads the detailing come from the head design, the makeup and the implanted hair option or quality of wig. Cheaper brands will be a lower quality but there is not so much of a difference compared to silicone. Also with our body detailing and implanted hair options, you can upgrade your TPE doll to look incredibly realistic. These upgrades will not be an option for the cheaper sex dolls.


In conclusion, again it depends on your priorities. If you want a sex doll which looks as realistic as possible then you have to choose premium. Whether you choose TPE or Silicone, there is no cheap option that looks super realistic. However, if this is not your priority then you can get way with a cheaper one. The cheaper one can also look very good, although it really is hit or miss. The issue is while even the cheaper ones look good in photos, what you receive will often arrive different. The best way to avoid this again is to go for reputable brand, and best place for reviews is TDF.


How Do Cheap Sex Dolls Feel Compared To Premium Sex Dolls?


The feel of a doll depends on the quality of material used. Premium sex dolls feel better than cheaper sex dolls, but honestly there is not too much of a difference, the cheaper ones do feel very good also. The big advantage the premium ones have with regard to feel is the design. For example, the custom oral, vagina and anal textures we offer all feel incredible and give the customer a variety of different options to feel during penetration. These options are not available with the cheaper dolls. While we offer these options free, they are only available on lovedolls.com so the dolls have a premium price tag.


We also offer premium upgrades to make the doll feel better such as a heated body. This means you can heat your sex doll to the exact same temperature as the human body for the ultimate realistic feel. We give a USB heater free to heat the 3 important loves holes although most cheap dolls have this included also or they are cheap to purchase separately here.


Another relevant factor is the skeleton used. Cheap sex dolls with have a basic skeleton while premium sex dolls like these will have fully articulated hands and joints so the doll can be positioned exactly like a real human, which certainly feels incredibly realistic when you play with her.


How Can You Customise a Cheap Sex Doll Compared To Premium Sex Doll?

Almost all dolls, premium or cheap, will come with options for wig, eyes and an outfit. The more premium dolls offer extras such as makeup, skeleton upgrades, a choice of vagina types and implanted hair options which can be done in any style. Technically they could do a lot more, but the vast majority of websites selling premium dolls are just drop shippers, meaning they are expensive middle men and unable to do any customisations.


Lovedolls.com are a British company who have our staff inside the factory in China which allows us to physically customise the dolls during the productions stages. This allows us to do over 50 customisations to all WM Doll, SE Doll, YL Doll, Angel Kiss and Jinsan Doll sex dolls which are all made in the Jinsan factory where we have our office. You can see all out customisation options in the header above. Cheaper sex dolls, or drop shipping websites selling premium sex dolls, will both not be able to offer these customisation options.

How Much Do Cheap Sex Dolls Cost Compared to Premium Sex Dolls?

Cheap sex dolls range from $500 to $1200. You can also buy very cheap torsos or just parts like just the breasts with a vagina hole for around $100. Premium sex dolls range from $1500 to $2500 for TPE sex dolls ones and $2500 to $5000 for silicone sex dolls. More advanced robot AI dolls can be $3000 - $6000.



Step 1. Identifying Your Needs and Preferences

Step one is finding your perfect sex doll partner is identifying what your priorities are. Like everything in life you can't have it all. One thing we have not mentioned in this article so far which is arguably the most important factor is weight. A 66lbs ( 30kg) doll is manageable for most adult men but a 100lbs (45kg) doll is certainly not. You must make sure you choose the right weight for you. While those big butt giant boob dolls look incredible, they do come with a lot of weight. There is a running joke for the heavier doll owners that by the time they have positioned their doll they are too exhausted to have sex with her.


Step 2. How realistic looking do you need your sex doll to be ?

Then you have to decide how important it is for your sex doll to look ultra realistic. If you want Madame Tussauds wax work quality you need to spend upwards of $2500 and choose a premium silicone doll. The step down from this is a TPE with implanted hair for $2000 upwards. I believe $1700 ultra realistic full TPE dolls are the perfect middle ground, but if you don't require ultra realistic then you can get what you need from a cheaper sex doll which can still look more than good enough and still very sexy.


Step 3. How realistic do you need your sex doll to feel ?


While TPE does not look at realistic as silicone, it does feel more realistic. Since TPE is cheaper you can get away with the cheaper dolls I this is your priority. More expensive TPEs last longer and are healthier to interact with, but do not really feel much different to the cheaper ones. Therefore if this is your one and only priority then you could get away with getting tbe cheapest sex dolls.


Step 4. How much do you want to customise your sex doll ?


If you want to really customize your doll down to every detail your only option is to buy from lovedolls.com, as we are the only company worldwide who specialise in this for hundreds of dolls already on the market. All our dolls start at just over $1500 so would be considered expensive. Another option would be to have a custom mould built where you really can design everything to the last detail and have a completely new custom head and body. This would start at around $6000 so even more expensive, but if you would like this then get in contact with us here, we have done it many times before.


Which sex doll is the best value for money?


All this considered I personally feel the $1700 ultra realistic full TPE dolls are the best value for money. They feel the best, look not the best but still incredible, have a very long lifespan if you maintain them correctly and they are fully customisation with the most upgrades available. This is reflected in sales as they type of dolls are the most popular worldwide overall.


When is a Cheap Sex Doll the Best Option?


Cheap sex dolls are a good option for new buyers who want to experience how a doll feels without making a big initial financial investment at first. They are especially good if you fit some or all of these 4 characteristics.


  1. Your biggest priority is how a doll feels.

  2. You have a very small budget.

  3. You do not need it to last long

  4. You have a great imagination when you close your eyes.

Where is the best place to buy cheap sex dolls?

If you do go down this route, just make sure you research the seller to enure they are reputable so you will be getting the better quality TPE and what you get looks like the product photos online. The best place to see real reviews and compare reliable k is the TDF forum herePay attention to the vendor's customer service, shipping options, return policy, warranty and reviews from real users. Also check they provide discreet packaging to protect your privacy. We do not currently sell any cheap sex dolls on this website. 


Where is the best place to buy premium sex dolls?

 The best place to buy premium sex dolls is lovedolls.com if you plan to buy a WM Doll, YL Doll, SE Doll, Angel KIss, Jinsan or LoveDoll. This is because lovedolls.com British staff are inside the factory in Asia where these brands are made, personally overseeing production and customisation. Any other company selling these brands is just drop shipping.

If you would like to buy a premium doll from a brand which is not listed on our website then your best option is to choose a vendor from the TDF forum.  I have personally met the owners of Sex Doll Australia  and Dolls Club and can recommend them both.