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How To Clean Your Sex Doll

How to Clean a TPE Sex Doll

This article will be a sex doll cleaning guide walking you through the process of cleaning and maintenance. We will discuss various cleaning methods, suggest recommended products, and provide valuable tips to keep your sex doll in impeccable condition.

Why Cleaning is Important?

  • A sex doll, like anything in your home, will accumulated dirt, oils, germs and bacteria. Cleaning her gives you the peace of mind of safe and healthy and intimacy. 

  • Proper cleaning ensures she remains in optimal condition, preserving the lifespan, realistic appearance and different textures on the body.

  • Regular maintenance also helps prevent staining, odours, tears and rips. 

TPE or Silicone Dolls

Sex dolls are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), silicone or can be a combination of both. Silicone and TPE are different materials and require different cleaning techniques. This guide is specifically for TPE dolls. 

 TPE Sex Doll Cleaning Guidelines. 

If she is just dusty or a bit dirty you can gently wipe her skin with a damp microfibre cloth. Never scrub as this will damage the smooth skin by making it rough and bobble up like a sweater. 

For a more thorough clean you should mix mild soap with warm water. Then using the soft micro fibre cloth gently wash any dirt away from the skin. Rinse off any residue with fresh water and delicately dry the doll by patting it with a towel or soft cloth.

If your sex doll does not have internal electronic features like a heated body, breathing, sucking vagina etc then she will be safe to shower. Make sure the water is not super hot, and do not keep her in water for long periods of time.  

After cleaning and drying, you can also apply a light dusting with talcum powder to maintain the skin's softness and prevent stickiness. It is a hotly debated topic among doll owners how often this should be done, but I would say ideally at least every month and ideally every 2 weeks assuming she is in use and not stored away.  

If your doll has a removable vagina then this should be removed before cleaning and washed separately. You do no need to wash your entire doll after every use but you should remove and wash the removable vagina part after every use.

You should always let the doll dry completely before use again. 

TPE Sex Doll Cleaning Step By Step Guide

  1. Prepare the cleaning area, ideally a clean and well-illuminated space that offers ample room to move her comfortably. The safest way to do this is lay the doll down on towels on a bed. The easiest way, assuming you are strong enough and careful of a slippery wet doll, is to stand her up against a wall.  

  2. Carefully remove all clothing from the doll and the wig. 

  3. Start by gently wiping the doll's body with a soft microfibre lint-free cloth to remove surface dust.

  4. Next mix mild soap with warm water in a basin or sink. Dip your cloth into the soapy water, squeeze out the excess water and gently wipe the skin all over her entire body. This should be enough to wipe off any stains, but if not see step 9. The best way to wash the internal orifices is to use the douche also know as irrigator which is provided free with all dolls. 

  5. Rinse the doll with clean water to remove any soap residue. Assuming no electronics, this can be done in a shower or bath. 

  6. Gently pat the doll's body with a towel to remove excess water. Allow it to air dry completely before applying any powder or dressing the doll. Stood up with arms and legs spread at around a 45 degree angle is the best position for air drying. This process will take a few hours normally. To dry the internal orifices quicker you can insert a dry tampon to soak up water or use a fan. 

  7.  After the doll is dry, TPE doll's skin should be lightly dusted with talcum powder to maintain its quality.

  8. We also recommend applying a bit of vaseline to the entrance of the love holes to avoid tearing. 

  9. Every 3 - 4 months once the doll is dry we recommend instead of using talcum powder, owners should rub a thin coat of baby oil into the skin. This will stop it drying out in the longterm. Once the entire body has been oiled it should be left to dry for 24 - 48 hours before then applying talcum powder.

This is 2023. Where do I buy the machine that does all this for me automatically?

You find it right here. The WM Doll intelligent cleaning kit. 

How Do I Remove Stains from a TPE Sex Doll?

If after performing the cleaning process above the skin still has stains, then you should apply our stain remover cream to the stained area and leave it overnight. The next day wipe the cream off with a damp soft cloth and the stain should have disappeared. If there is still some residue of stain left then repeat the process.  Our TPE Stain remover is available here. 


What Are The Most Common Mistakes Cleaning a TPE Sex Doll?

  • Using the wrong soap. Dishwater, bleach and even baby wipes will all damage the skin. You must use a mild soap mixed with water, ideally antibacterial also. 

  • Using a rough cloth. You must use a soft cloth for wiping the skin and use a gentle patting method to dry the doll.   

  • Getting water into the skeleton causing rust. While a bath and shower is enjoyable and makes cleaning easier, you must ensure water does not enter the doll at neck joint or standing feet bolts.

  • Dropping the very wet slippery doll while in the standing position. Take care. 

  • Using silicone or alcohol based products often found in lubricants, baby wipes and perfume. 

  •  Not allowing enough time for the doll to air dry, wait at least a few hours.