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How to position your love doll.

All out love dolls have a full metal skeleton inside them, which allows you to position them in as many different positions as you can imagine. Click here to see a list of the most popular. Just remember not to position the love doll is any positions that would be unnatural for a real female skeleton as you could break a joint. Also do not put too much pressure on the hands and wrists during sex.

Traveling with your doll

While some people choose to travel with the love doll in the seat next to them, most prefer a more discreet method. For this option we can recommend the following travel cases for our love dolls on our accessories page.

How to wash your LoveDoll

In order to make our love dolls look and feel as realistic as possible we use a unique proprietary blend of TPE which like other TPE materials does require regular cleaning, detailed here. To wash the body we recommend using mild antibacterial soap and water along with a soft cloth to rub down the outside of the doll. Then either let the doll air dry or pat down with a towel. We recommend this at least one a month. DO NOT rub the doll dry, use a hair dryer or hard sponge on the doll. Once dry we recommend applying talcom powder, baby powder or corn starch to the doll to keep her soft and smooth. Please also apply a maintenance solution at least month to avoid and tearing or stretching. This is available in LoveDoll accessories. The inside of the dolls mouth, vagina or anus must be washed every time after use. If you are in a hurry you can wipe around the inside with wet wipes however we recommend using the cleaning kit we provide. Ideally first fill up the vaginal irrigator ( douche ) with cold water and squirt it up the vagina, mouth or anus to clean it. Then fill the irrigator with soap and warn water and squirt it inside the doll to sanitize. Next open the dolls legs and leave it open to drip out and air dry either standing up or hanging. Once dry don't forget to close her legs to the resting position mentioned in the how to store your doll section. For extra cleaning power you could also use a soft luffa on a stick for a better clean. You could also use a removable shower head to wash out your doll, although keep her head from being showered. Never submerge the dolls head under water. Makeup can be removed with a soft damp cloth soaked in warm water, and then pat the face dry with a paper towel or soft dry cloth.

How to warm your LoveDoll

When your LoveDoll is warmed to human temperature it is even feels even more life like and there are various safe ways to do this. We recommend using a USB charged heating stick available in LoveDoll accessories. Once charged you insert it into any of the three entries and leave it for 5 -7 minutes. Do not leave it in for long periods of time unattended as it can damage the love doll by doing this. Another popular method is using an electric blanket, although you should never use it for more than 20 minutes or let the temperature go above 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to store your LoveDoll after use

After use you should not leave your love doll's arms or legs up or open for too long as it will cause stress on the material which over time could cause tears in the underarms or groin areas. You should return the arms and legs down by their side to a stress free position just like a real person would when resting. Either store the doll nude or with loose fitting clothes, leaving tight clothes on her for extended period of time can damage her. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the material to age over time by drying the oil within the skin and causing it to crack or split so please avoid this. If this does happen please see our section on how to repair skin tears. If you are not going to move your love dolls for more than two days do not leave her laying on a hard surface. Either lay her on a flat soft surface or standing or hung up, but either way always with her arms and legs by her side. Take care to avoid dust sticking to the love dolls skins to avoid extra cleaning Always store your love doll in a cool dry place after use and avoid any damp environments. Wiping or washing the doll with water is fine but soaking over a long period of time will cause damage. Also avoid getting water inside the neck area as it is hard to dry out. Do not leave your doll dressed in clothes, or against dyed or leather surfaces for too long as color will transfer to her skin. Hanging in a closet is the most recommended method as it can be hidden from prying eyes, held in a natural position and kept out of sunlight and away from danger of accidental damage. Just be sure to use a cabinet rod that can withstand the weight. Our doll's high quality skeletons do allow storage from being seated however it is not the recommended method. If you do this however do ensure nothing else is rested on top of the doll that would apply pressure to the body and that it will not accidentally fall down. If you wish to store your love doll laying down then ensure her arms and legs are by her side resting. A carrying case is also a safe way to store your love doll, available to buy at lovedolls.com. Remember your love doll is not a toy. Keep away from children at all times.

Which Lubricant should I use?

You should only ever use water based lubricants. Other lubricants containing silicone or oils could damage your Lovedoll's skin. Lubricant is available to purchase here.

Dressing your LoveDoll

Choosing clothes for your LoveDoll is a great experience for most owners, however there are afew important points to be aware of Do not place your love doll touching any dark items which will spread ink or leather materials containing oil soluble pigments. If you do and a stain is created please see our stain cleaning section on how to wash the stain safely. Remember to wash any new clothes before putting on your love doll to avoid any dye from the clothes staining her. You could also use a barrier such as panty hoes although its always better to wash the clothes first. Ideally put some talc powder or baby powder on the love doll before putting on tight clothes Be careful not to stretch the limbs too much when putting on clothes to avoid damage Be prepared to remove the head if needs be to put certain types of clothes on instead of forcing them over the top of the head. Be careful to not let things like zips or buttons scratch or tear the love dolls's skin. If the clothing is too small, do not force it as long term squeezing can deform the dolls body. Remember to only use color transfer resistant clothing. If you do happen to cause a stain from clothing, please follow our stain removal guide. Light colored fabrics and loose fittings close are recommended

How to give your LoveDoll piercings.

It is easy to give your love doll piercings. Make sure you use a straight bar rather than a curved bar on the jewelry and carefully press it through the desired area.

How to care for your Lovedoll's nails.

Love dolls like real women are able to change they nail color as often as they like. You are able to paint the nails. If a finger nail come off like real women you are able to glue on a new one. Simply clean and dry the finger tip where the nail will go, add the glue, then press and hold the nail without touching the glue for at least 30 seconds. Special TPE glue is available in Lovedoll accessories.

Ways to use sex toys with your Lovedoll.

There are countless ways to use sex toys to spice up your time with your love doll, here are a few ideas from one of our stars Lucy Ella. “A bullet is a small vibrator which is used to stimulate the cliterus or penis during masturbation or sex. One option is to put this inside the anus if you are fucking the vagina or vice versa, and this will create different sensations from different angles. You could also put it against your testicles or other sensitive areas, but start on the lowest setting and work your way up. Some people report amazing sensations when putting it against the taint, the areas between the anus and testicles. Others may want to put it up the anus to stimulate the male anal g spot in the prostate.”

How to care for your Lovedoll's eyes.

The porn stars on our website change their eye color with contact lenses all the time for nights out, filming scenes or photos shoots. To keep up with them you are able to replace the eyeballs. Just pull apart the area around the eye without touching the eyelashes and pull out the eyeball, then replace it with the new one. You are able reattached or replace eye lashes with TPE glue. Both eyeballs, eye lashes and glue are available in LoveDoll Accessories.

How to care for your Lovedoll's hair.

Real women like to change their hair color and style regularly, and this is very easy to do with your Lovedoll also. We have chosen to go with wigs rather than implanted hair for this reason so you are easily able to buy a new wig, of which there are literally thousands of different options online. For combing the hair we recommend using a wig brush rather than a traditional comb or brush because it is much softer on the hair so will ensure the wig lasts longer. Wigs can absorb the oil from tpe material over time so we recommend washing the wig at least once every 6 weeks. The wig can be washed in a sink using shampoo and we recommend shampoo for synthetic hair. You should then let it air dry to pat it dry with a towel, never rub it with the towel as this could damage it. Also remember not to comb the hair until it is dry.

Can I put cosmetics on my Lovedoll?

All our love dolls come with make up already painted on them in the style chosen by the girl they replicate. However you are able to add additional make up.

How to fix tears or rips in the skin

Use a damp cloth to clean the tear first. Then put some glue on a stick or knife and spread it into in inside of the tear Next pinch it closed and hold for a minute then put a thin spread of glue just on the rip part on outside. We recommend only using the TPE glue in Lovedoll accessories.

Which lubricant should you use?

It is important to use lube every time you have sex with the love doll. We recommend you only use water based lubricants as they will not stain unlike other types. Available here in Lovedoll accessories.

Can I use perfume with my Lovedoll?

Perfume is a great way to bring your love doll to life even more, however to avoid stains you should avoid all alcohol based perfumes. However another option is to use any perfume but to spray it on the bed or clothes and let is dry rather than directly on to your love doll's skin.

Can I share my Lovedoll?

We do not recommend this for hygiene reasons however if you really must please ensure condoms are always warn and the love doll is cleaned throughly after.

Are Lovedolls waterproof?

Yes, the TPE material used is completely waterproof, so you can bath her anytime. 

Can Lovedolls be warmed up?

Yes, you can warm up your Lovedoll. There are a number ways to achieve this safely without causing any damage. The most common way to warm them up is to give them a hot bath. As the LoveDolls are waterproof this will not cause them any damage. Another method is to wrap them up in an electric blanket. You can internally warm them using a heating rod, which is available on our site. DO NOT use boiling water.

Is vaginal, anal and oral sex possible?

Yes, absolutely. 

How should I position my Lovedoll?

You must treat your Lovedoll with care and attention. All the joints are designed to move just like a real person. DO NOT move the joints or frame in an unnatural way, doing this can cause the joints to weaken or break.

Will I need Lubrication?

Lubrication always helps. We recommend only using water-based lubricants.

Will I need to clean the Lovedoll? If so, how often?

It is important to clean your Lovedoll after every use. You will be able to clean all the openings by using water and soap. When the LoveDoll is not in use, please keep it stored in a breathable bag away from any dust.

When my Lovedoll is not in use, what’s the best way to keep her stored?

You will be able to store your Lovedoll in the delivery box we send them in. Please lay the LoveDoll flat on its back, with the arms and legs slightly apart and all the joints straighten out. If you keep the joints bent, the TPE will start to wear and tear.